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DISC International is a platform for both skilled and novice researchers. It presents, teaches, trains, shares research methods, ideas, manuscripts, and relevant research techniques. DISC International motivates the researchers to master the research techniques, methods and skills in order to conduct a research project with reliable, credible, appropriate and sound methodology. In fact a research findings are trusted by the readers when an unbiased research methods is employed.

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Dr. Tareq M Zayed
Chief Internationalization consultant & Researcher

Today higher education institutions (HEI) are growing as a center of excellence covering both of quality teaching and research because research driven innovative solution and development sustain longer. If we mentor the potentiality of the youth across the globe their capacity and leadership must speed the progress. As HEIs are promoting an environment for innovative and entrepreneurial ideas, we need to further internationalize the HEIs to attain all of the SDGs particularly the goal number 4 which emphasizes the quality teaching. We strongly believe that if teachers and researchers go hand in hand the world of 21st century will be different.

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