DISC INTERNATIONAL is a platform for both skilled and novice researchers where one group trains the other by sharing ideas, research papers, and relevant research methods. It promotes both local and global research ideas, issues that address the socio-economic development in the 21st century. DISC INTERNATIONAL motivates the researchers to master the research techniques, methods and skills in order to conduct a research project with reliable, credible, appropriate and sound methodology. In fact a research findings are trusted by the readers when an unbiased research methods is employed.

DISC INTERNATIONAL empowers the novice researchers as well as postgraduate students with necessary research skills that cover both quantitative and qualitative research methods for the field of social sciences and humanities studies. It also offers online classes and it invites the experienced featured scholars and experts in research methodologies for those who are eager to know about current research tools and techniques including qualitative and quantitative methods, basic and advanced statistics, SPSS, AMOS, PLS, Atlas.ti, Nvivo, Mendeley, Endnote etc. The training sessions also cover procedures of data collections with open ended questions and structured survey questionnaire.

Apart from activities pertaining to research skill development, DISC INTERNATIONAL publishes the research manuscripts as articles in its international peer reviewed journals. Moreover, it invites questions from researchers of various fields in over to share their research inquisitiveness in this website so that interested and relevant researchers can contribute by their answer. Lastly, in order to familiarize the novice researchers with conducive research platform DISC INTERNATIONAL publishes students’ assignment papers which on the other hand also helps the less privileged students to know how to organize and write a piece of writing and essay on a certain topic.

Read our journals: http://jocw.discinternational.org/index.php/jocw


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