Essay Competition

Topic: How Does Research Promote Socio Economic Development in Developing Countries?

‘Journal of Creative Writing’ invites all undergraduate and Post graduate students of developing countries to join in this essay competition. The issues which must be addre

ssed in the essay are as follows:

What is your opinion on the relevance of research t

hat promotes socio-economic development (SED) in your country?
What is the current state of research that promotes SED in your country?
What are the areas/fields you think are important for your countries’ SED? Why?
What are the barriers to ‘research promoting SED’ in your country?
How to overcome those barriers so that researchers can positively contribute towards SED in your country?


Language of essay must be English
Participants must be graduate or postgraduate students. Institutional address, identification number, participant’s phone number, complete postal address, level of study must be mentioned on cover page of each essay.
In order to improve the idea of the essay the participant must take advice from a lecturer of his/her university/institution whose name must be mentioned as a 2nd author in the essay.
[Additional Tips] It is preferable if the participant is able to collaborate with a graduate or postgraduate student from developed countries who may be contacted through social media. Thus, the order of the authors is 1st author (student); 2nd author (lecturer); 3rd author (someone from developed countries).
Number of authors from the students: In a single essay, number of student-authors can be maximum two. Thus, the order of the authors is 1st author (student); 2nd author (student/ optional) 3rd author (lecturer); 4th author (someone from developed countries).
Word limit: Not more than 5000 words.

All submitted essays will be thoroughly checked for plagiarism through specialized software. Therefore, participants must ensure that any submitted work is original and that all sources are properly referenced.
In writing, references must be provided in footnotes and a list of bibliography must be included at the end of essay
Email address of all authors must be provided

Notes for Participants:

1st author (i.e. the student) will be contacted for any correspondence.
The JOCW will publish selected essays in 2016 and 2017
No essays may be withdrawn after submission to the JOCW
Developing countries and developed countries have been distinguished based on the criteria given by the World Bank (

Prizes: 1st – 300USD; 2nd – 250USD; 3rd – 200 USD

Deadline: 31st October, 2016

How to submit: The essay must be uploaded to the webpage of ‘Journal of Creative Writing’ [visit]. Candidate should create an account before he/she uploads the essay in the journal’s page.

Contact: For any inquiry candidates may contact the following

Evaluation: All essays will undergo blind review process.