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By G. R. Berridge

Like any professions, international relations has spawned its personal really expert terminology, and it really is this lexicon which supplies A Dictionary of Diplomacy's thematic backbone. notwithstanding, the dictionary additionally comprises entries on felony phrases, political occasions, foreign agencies and significant figures who've occupied the diplomatic scene or have written influentially approximately it during the last part millennium. All scholars of international relations and comparable topics and particularly junior participants of the numerous diplomatic companies of the area will locate this booklet imperative.

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If the CIA has remained to any degree dependent on any department, however, it is probably the *State Department, since it relies on it to such a great extent to provide cover for its agents in US embassies and consulates abroad. Since exposure of many of its activities (especially its covert operations) in the first half of the 1970s, the CIA has been subjected to considerably more congressional oversight. See also Director of Central Intelligence; humint. cipher. (1) A symbol, whether letter or number, which represents a single letter or number, as opposed to a *code where plurals are employed.

All jural law is, by its nature, binding on those to whom it applies. Much philosophical speculation has taken place, over millennia, as to the means whereby bindingness is conferred on law. But this is a false question, as all societies have worked on the assumption that that which they designate as law is, by virtue of it being law, binding. If, for example, rules or laws are promulgated for a game, those playing it do not ask if those rules are binding on them. It is inherent in the concept of laws or rules that they bind those who come within their aegis.

Perhaps its real hallmark, however, apart from its size, is the centralization of *intelligence which its name suggests and its independence of any one department which is the corollary of this. ) As noted by Michael Herman, a senior figure in British intelligence, ‘it was the first specialist, non-departmental *allsource analysis organization which evolved in peacetime to study foreign targets in full and serve any part of government’. If the CIA has remained to any degree dependent on any department, however, it is probably the *State Department, since it relies on it to such a great extent to provide cover for its agents in US embassies and consulates abroad.

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