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The 1st such dictionary due to the fact that that of Platner and Ashby in 1929, a brand new Topographical Dictionary of old Rome defines and describes the recognized constructions and monuments, in addition to the geographical and topographical gains, of historical Rome. It presents a concise background of every, with measurements, dates, and citations of important historical and glossy assets.

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The frieze is carved with gryphons and scrolls flanking candelabra. The cor­ nice, fragments of which are still in place, is elabo­ rate in the Antonine taste. Although the tympanum was dismantled and destroyed, fragments of it and of the lateral antefixes showing female figures carry­ 12 tents of Septimius Severus’s rise to greatness. Faus­ tina, the wife of Marcus Aurelius, is said to have pre­ pared the wedding chamber for Septimius and Julia Domna in the Aphrodision below the Palatine (Cass.

4). 1005 = IL S 34 8 ). 2 0 0 1 ). A. Salon. 4 [Gall. A. Carac. 2). 6 9 -7 6 nos. 343, 3 5 4 , 3 8 8 , 396, 11 A N T R U M , A T R IU M C Y C L O P IS ing cornucopias have been recovered and make re­ construction possible. The lateral walls of the cella are of peperino ashlar masonry, built into the church of S. Lorenzo in M i­ randa. On the coins the temple is shown with pedimental sculptures and acroteria, but of these there is no trace today. Fragments of a colossal male and a colossal female statue were found, which are prob­ ably to be identified as the cult statues.

And paid for it from the spoils taken from Pyrrhus (Frontinus, A q. 6; cf. 198). The intake was above Tibur, opposite Varia (modern Vicovaro). O f its 4 3 ,0 0 0 paces only 221 ran above ground on sub­ structures. It entered the city a d Spent Veterem (Porta Maggiore) and was distributed to most parts of the city, except the Palatine, Caelian, Aventine, and Cir­ cus Maximus (Frontinus, A q. 8 0 ). Frontinus found its intake to be 4 ,3 9 8 quinariae {Aq. 6 6 ), but it tended to be turbid, being taken from the river, so in his reforms it was restricted to use in watering gar­ dens and the meaner services of the city (Frontinus, A q.

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