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Actually you can make tea at home," "At home? " asked Rajvir, "Why not? " . "Uncle, all this applies to Green tea, But what about the other two kinds of tea you mentioned, CTC. and Orthodox. " "Of course. C. yields more liquid. Orthodox is boiled while brewing. C. is strained. )'," The durwan at the factory-gate welcomed them with a smart salaam. Mr. Barua stopped the jeep next to a long-roofed structure without walls. Inside it were half a dozen tiered platforms. "These are called 'changs'. The green leaves plucked in the garden are weighed here and spread out on these 'changs'.

They hurriedly rearranged the shrubs to cover the boat and set off for home. As they drew near the bungalow they could make out that something important had happened. The tea pluckers had abandoned work and stood in groups, talking and gesticulating excitedly. 1ing up to Mongla. She was extremely II psel. "Mongla, the police have arrested your father and Deka Babu. " Mongla looked thunderstruck. Tears sprang to his eyes. Pranjol Pllt an arm across his 'shoulders and pulled him to Oill' side. " CHAPTER VI , "I ;Im sure Deka and Birchi are innocent," Mr.

Itwas the leader of the gang. e man had lightning. reflexes. He dropped the chest and dived to the ground, his hand groping for the revolver at his waist. Kotoki's gun spoke once. The man jerked in agony as the bullet hit him just below his right shoulder. Alarmed by the sound of the gunshot, the two inside the tunnel crawled frantically towards the other opening, only to fall into the hands of the waiting police. The four prisoners near the bullock-cart were taken to the warehouse. Mr. Barua and the children followed on the escorting policemen's heels.

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