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The International Book of Dyslexia: A Guide to Practice and Resources

Are problems in dyslexia an identical internationally? What do we research from assets and perform in several nations? during this ebook, contributors, associations and agencies were collected from all over the world to file at the regulations, assets and coaching for individuals with dyslexia and people who paintings with them.

Scientific Thinking in Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and language pathologists, like several execs who declare to be clinical of their perform, make a public dedication to function at the foundation of information derived in response to sound medical criteria. but scholars in conversation problems are given fairly little grounding within the basics of technology; certainly, they typically obtain implicit encouragement to depend upon medical knowledge.

Making Inclusion Work for Children with Dyspraxia: Practical Strategies for Teachers

Drawing on their enormous stories of the syndrome, in addition to present study findings, the authors support lecturers and different schooling pros to better comprehend the desires of a dyspraxic baby. via useful innovations, they convey how academics could make all of the distinction to a kid's skill to achieve the study room, and case reviews show how mom and dad, lecturers and therapists can interact to facilitate studying.

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In the following examples, imaginations have certainly been stretched. My Cousin’s Gerbil by Max When my cousin talks about his gerbil, he says that: Its tail is like a huge viper that creeps through the sand and dirt. It is as black as the night, as black as the wet tyres of the HGV from Hell. Its soft and deep fur is often covered with dirt, as it burrows long, deep tunnels to faraway worlds. He says it often goes mountain climbing and pot-holing. It does abseiling and scuba diving, It does llama trekking and bare-back riding.

This idea can also be transferred to the school grounds. Using the same method, encourage the children to turn the familiar sights into something spooky: I looked along the winding footpath – was it leading to danger? I felt the wind suddenly turn icy and the cold pinch my skin. I saw a feather fall from nowhere and stab the ground. I heard a crack – the roots of the trees were snaking towards me. Ask the children to make notes of what is around them. What do they hear, see, smell, taste, feel?

I’ve forgotten something! • Revealing a cache of memories We all have a cache of memories in our heads that we dip into from time to time when we tell anecdotes about places we’ve been and people we’ve encountered. Explain to the children that writers, like them, frequently use these memories as a basis for a story or a poem. And searching back through the years can reveal a half-forgotten memory that might be suitable to use in a story or poem which they might be struggling with. These little snippets about people, times or places can often be all that’s needed to bring the past into the present and bring the writing to life.

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