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By Hisashi Yamamoto, Kazuaki Ishihara

This two-volume set covers all new advancements and, moreover, contains the recent thought of mixed Bronsted and Lewis acid catalysis, constructed by way of Hisashi Yamamoto himself. the wonderful editorial workforce has prepare an both best crew of specialist authors, leading to a real treasure trove of crucial details -- making this a needs to for each chemist operating in natural chemistry and catalysis, in academia in addition to in undefined.

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For convenience sake, they will be reported below following the same order in which they appear in the well-known book on protecting groups written by Greene et al. 1 Protection o fthe Hydroxyl G roup, Diols, a n d Phenols 1 1 . 1 Methoxymethylation of Alcohols Methoxymethyl (MOM) ethers are generally prepared by alkylation of alcohols with an excess of the highly carcinogenic and volatile chloromethyl methyl ether in alkaline solution using Bi(OTf h ·xH20 or its heterogeneous microencapsulated version (MC-Bi(OTf h ) - The formation of MOM ethers and esters has been cleanly achieved using dimethoxymethane as the green and safe MOM source [90] .

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