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Textbook from UMass Lowell, model three. 0

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Applied Discrete constructions by way of Alan Doerr & Kenneth Levasseur is authorized less than an artistic Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike three. zero usa License.

Link to professor's web page: http://faculty. uml. edu/klevasseur/ads2/

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24 bits). The number H of rows is not limited but by the capacity of the operative-memory. Being realized as a sublanguage imbedded in the ALGOL the PICTURE ALGOL 1204 A has the opportunity of possible realization of its stan~ ard procedures on the INTEGER-type variables instead of the REAL ones. The INTEGER variables M, N as well as some auxiliary var! ables (BOUND and THR) are declared while a PICTURE ALGOL procedure is introduced. 62 Chap. 5 - Formal Languages for Image Processing There are several kinds of standard procedures in the PICTURE ALGOL.

3) As an example let us take into account a problem of printed letters recognition. The set of basic relations {R~} may contain the above mentioned relations ~ ~~ R,R ,R ~~~ as well as the higher order relations like "over", "on the left" etc. It is also possible to define the set of basic relations in another way, ~ eluding the relations like "a vertical line-segment", "a horizo!! tal line-segment", "a convex arc" etc. The expressions describing the pattern will not be formally equivalent in both cases, however, they may be equivalent in semantical sense.

Az" + b>, A Coincidence Measure 39 where a, b are some positive coefficients. The invariance of a detection procedure with respect to the optical transformations can be illustrated in the following example. The two pictures describing the same pattern (a letter "L") should be classified as belonging to the same class, in spite of the fact that they are. 16) the i* having a similar sense. N. Zhitkov in [35] . If the distance measure or a correlation method of local detection is used, the problem arises of optimum choosing 40 Chap.

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