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By Michèle Audin (auth.), J. Aguadé, R. Kane (eds.)

Contents: M. Audin: periods Caracteristiques Lagrangiennes.- A. Baker: Combinatorial and mathematics Identities in response to Formal team Laws.- M.C. Crabb: at the sturdy Splitting of U(n) and ÛU(n).- E. Dror Farjoun, A. Zabrodsky: The Homotopy Spectral series for Equivariant functionality Complexes.- W.G. Dwyer, G. Mislin: at the Homotopy form of the parts of map*(BS3, BS3).- W.G. Dwyer, H.R. Miller, C.W. Wilkerson: The Homotopy forte of BS3.- W.G. Dwyer, A. Zabrodsky: Maps among Classifying Spaces.- B. Eckmann: Nilpotent team motion and Euler Characteristic.- N.D. Gilbert: at the primary Catn-Group of an n-Cube of Spaces.- H.H. Glover: Coloring Maps on Surfaces.- P. Goerss, L. Smith, S. Zarati: Sur les A-Algèbres Instables.- K.A. Hardie, K.H. Kamps: The Homotopy class of Homotopy Factorizations.- L.J. Hernández: right Cohomologies and the right kind class Problem.- A. Kono, okay. Ishitoya: Squaring Operations in Mod 2 Cohomology of Quotients of Compact Lie teams by means of Maximal Tori.- J. Lannes; L. Schwartz: at the constitution of the U-Injectives.- S.A. Mitchell: The Bott Filtration of a Loop Group.- Z. Wojtkowiak: On Maps from Holim F to Z.- R.M.W. wooden: Splitting (CP x...xCP ) and the motion of Steenrod Squares Sqi at the Polynomial Ring F2 Äx1,...,xnÜ.

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The c o n j u g a t i o n i s g i v e n by BE(T) ~ D E ( [ - 1 ] E T ) . (e) The d i a g o n a l i s g i v e n by BE(T) ~ BE(T) ~ D E ( T ) . (f) The identity Proof if BE(T) = e wl°gET by d e m o n s t r a t i n g deg f = 0, shown f o r then ( b ) by i n d u c t i o n f(w) = f(0) deg f < n holds in that there E* ® Q [ [ T ] ] , on deg f , and we s e t ~ where f o r feA E. = 1. e x = r x n n! Clearly Now s u p p o s e t h a t we h a v e is a unique E. expansion f(w) = Let E 7iDa. i

21) ring, b 0 of H0(P(V);~) and that the defining map in homology. in particular, isomorphism and the ring structure, zk(H,(P(V);~)) as Pontrjagin with the generator Z*(H,(P(V) ;2)) [b~ I], it is elementary on n and k using induces fact that H,(~U(V);~), algebra on H,(P(V);~) PV = z 6 Sn(V) ''' ~ z -rSk+rn(V) for each k > 0. 10) ~ ... 10). 23) then there will be an equivariant Sk(V ) + The theorem but not yet equivariantly. 21) gives 52 References I. F. Atiyah, K-Theory (Benjamin, 2. C. Crabb, ~ / 2 - H o m o t 0 p y 1980).

Rs ii Then g i = < ( e x p E D) i , ~E/3E> r = <(exp E (D~ s 1 + I•D)) i, t3E ®DE> = Hence, JsE(s)jsE(T) = DE(FE(s,T)). e A E [ [ S , T ] ]. T h i s of c o u r s e shows t h a t in a similar AE is a sub-algebra (d) follows (e) i s a c o n s e q u e n c e o f t h e w e l l known f a c t t o a power s e r i e s (f) ring. Thus we a l s o i s p r o v e d by a c a l c u l a t i o n have We o b s e r v e t h e f o l l o w i n g (a) (D. S e g a l , ~E(expE T) = e wT.

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