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By S. Jackowski, B. Oliver, K. Pawaloski

As a part of the medical job in reference to the seventieth birthday of the Adam Mickiewicz college in Poznan, a global convention on algebraic topology used to be held. within the ensuing court cases quantity, the emphasis is on vast survey papers, a few awarded on the convention, a few written for this reason.

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3. Categorical characterization and other properties of the equivariant finiteness obstruction It is clear that the equivariant finiteness obstruction has many properties similar to those of equivariant Whitehead torsion. These properties can be used to show that the equivariant finiteness obstruction is uniquely characterized by a certain universal property. 8 it is enough to state them for obstructions w~(X)'s. Let us suppose G-complex X is of the form X = X l u X 2 with X0 = X l n X 2. 1 If G-complexes X i , i = 0,1,2 are finitely G-dominated then X is also finitely G-dominated and one has the following equality with i k : X k --~ X being inclusions.

37 and prop. 40 and it allows to determine H-obstructions wK(x) in terms of G- obstructions. Illman has also announced [27] that the restriction homomorphism satisfies the natural asaociativity property rest" res. = res 4. Some geometric applications The product formula of the preceding section gives rise immediately to the following nice geometric result. _! Let G be a finite group and X a G-complex 6-domlnated by a finite one. Let V be any unitary complex representation of the group G and s(V) its unit sphere.

U CA1) U C(A2)) tO ... U C(An-1)), then it follows that the Thorn space over B is conic with a conic presentation To C T1 C ... ((T(,) U C(A1 A T(,))) U C(A2 A T(,))) U ... } in B. C S T - W o r k of H . 3 generalizes the theorem of [HS] about the s t r u c t u r e of Thorn spaces over conic spaces. , l ( p , pa ), where l(p, Pl ) is the double mapping cylinder of p and Pl, mad p is the obvious map between the double mapping cylinders. The theorem of Held and Sjerve is obtained as the particular case when both A and E1 equal a point.

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