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To express such semantics, an "exit function" is used, whose name is exit. If the execution of an elaboration function calls exit(args), "args" standing for a list of arguments, the effect is the following : - all elaboration functions on the stack are considered in turn, in a "last called first considered" order, - the considered elaboration function is entered at its "trap entry" with the arguments of the exit function, - if the trap is successful, the execution of the considered elaboration function is continued from its "trap entry point", otherwise the next function on the stack is considered.

In each case, this specifies that the substeps can be executed in any order, but one after the other. However if substep n ° k makes use of an object obtained in substep n ° i, then the latter must take place before the former. The actions within a substep must be executed in the specified order. 0-18 32 Example 19 (a) ÷ [L(,) ] Dyn ELAB:(E%): Step I : R(i~L):A% i ÷ i. ELAB(g%)) (8) A "choice step" is similar in meaning with a step in which the function to be executed is chosen via a case-phrase (see Example 18).

Each definition in a let-phrase has the format "X a expression" or "X such that predicate" (predicate which any value of X has to satisfy) where X is a new variable, a labelled tuple containing new variables, or more generally a pattern containing new variables. Example 6 For each premode PREl:vaL(-) , each premode PRE~=va[(-) such that are compatible(PREi,PRE 2) Let PRE m resulting premode(PREi,PRE2) Def ... If the variables are introduced in a pattern as in Let [RD,M] e DENMODE, it is assumed that the expression has a range containing only objects of the stated pattern.

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