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Meant as an top point undergraduate and/pr graduate point textual content for classes on theories of character, character concept, character, or psychology of character. It offers an creation to the information of crucial character theorist

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An inferior teacher may conclude that the students lack ability. Or a politician who spends tax money on personal vacations, engages in sexual harassment, or accepts favors from businesses that his committee regulates may believe that his august position entitles him to bend the rules. Threatening emotions may unconsciously be separated from related thoughts or memories, a defense mechanism known as intellectualization. Some patients in psychotherapy seek 24 SIGMUND FREUD relief by repressing their pain and talking unemotionally about their problems, thereby failing to make progress because they do not feel what they are saying.

The latency period is not a true psychosexual stage, however, and may even be largely or entirely absent in some instances. The Genital Stage. The genital stage is the goal of normal development and represents psychological maturity. ) Narcissism now yields to a more sincere interest in other people, and the woman’s primary erotogenic zone shifts from the (pregenital) clitoris to the vagina. Thus “the female genital organ for the first time meets with the recognition which the male one acquired long before” (Freud, 1933/1965b, p.

And the dream-work is the process that converts latent thoughts into manifest content (Freud, 1901/1952, p. 27; 1900/1965a, pp. 168, 211, 311ff; 1933/1965b, pp. 9–10; 1916–1917/1966, pp. 120, 170; 1940/1969a, p. 22). The goal of the dream-work is to conceal threatening material that is likely to awaken the sleeper. For example, the dream-work may change troublesome latent Oedipal thoughts into manifest content wherein the dreamer enjoys a romantic affair with an attractive stranger, defeating a serious rival in the process.

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