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Graph and version adjustments play a relevant position for visible modeling and model-driven software program improvement. in the final decade, a mathematical conception of algebraic graph and version alterations has been built for modeling, research, and to teach the correctness of adjustments. Ulrike Golas extends this thought for extra refined functions just like the specification of syntax, semantics, and version variations of advanced versions. in accordance with M-adhesive transformation structures, version modifications are effectively analyzed relating to syntactical correctness, completeness, sensible habit, and semantical simulation and correctness. The built equipment and effects are utilized to the non-trivial challenge of the specification of syntax and operational semantics for UML statecharts and a version transformation from statecharts to Petri nets keeping the semantics.

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Applied Discrete buildings by way of Alan Doerr & Kenneth Levasseur is authorized lower than an artistic Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike three. zero usa License.

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Using the above mechanism, the correct typing of the target model is implied by the graph transformation approach. Moreover, for the satisfaction of certain structural constraints, these can be translated to application conditions to ensure that all derived target models respect the constraints [TR05]. For specific model transformations, functional behavior can be guaranteed [EEEP07]. In general, functional behavior can be obtained for graph transformations showing termination and local confluence of the transformations.

Any full subcategory (C , M1 |C ) of C, where pushouts and pullbacks along M1 are created and reflected by the inclusion functor, 3. the comma category (F, (M1 × M2 ) ∩ M orF ), with F = ComCat(F, G; I), where F : C → X preserves pushouts along M1 -morphisms and G : D → X preserves pullbacks along M2 -morphisms, 4. the product category (C × D, M1 × M2 ), 5. the slice category (C\X, M1 ∩ M orC\X ), 6. the coslice category (X\C, M1 ∩ M orX\C ), 7. the functor category ([X, C], M1 -functor transformations).

As for standard typed graphs, an attributed type graph defines a set of types which can be used to assign types to the nodes and edges of an attributed graph. The typing itself is done by an attributed graph morphism between the attributed graph and the attributed type graph. 4 (Typed attributed graph and morphism) An attributed type graph is a distinguished attributed graph AT G = (T G, Z), where Z is the final DSIG-algebra. A tuple GT = (G, type) of an attributed graph G together with an attributed graph morphism type : G → AT G is then called a typed attributed graph.

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