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By Janet Coleman

This ebook features a sequence of reviews that take the traditional texts as facts of the earlier, and exhibit how medieval readers and writers understood them. particularly, they research how medieval readers tested the development of those texts to discover a few mirrored image of the way it felt to exist in the historical global. The reviews ascertain that medieval and Renaissance interpretations and makes use of of the earlier fluctuate drastically from a contemporary interpretation and makes use of, and but the examine betrays many startling continuities among sleek and historical medieval theories. dialogue extends from the character of historic facts, via theories in the back of medieval historiography, to varied hypotheses concerning physiological attributes of the mind to highbrow methods of the brain.

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E. R. Lloyd, 'The empirical basis of the physiology of the Parva Naturalid, in Aristotle on Mind and the Senses, pp. 215-39. In the De Iiwentute, 469a 21 f. Aristotle says organs of sight, hearing and smell are located in the brain but taste and touch extend to the heart which is the principle, arche, of all sensation. Lloyd argues that the role of observation and Aristotle's citations of zoological and anatomical data corroborate rather than test his own theories. Aristotle believes there are overwhelming theoretical reasons for holding the physiological opinions he holds (Lloyd, 'Empirical basis', p.

Logic, Science and Dialectic: Collected Papers on Ancient Greek Philosophy (London, 1986). 29 The critical texts of antiquity listener. Since Aristotle believes that truth exists in all signs and that ambiguity comes only from men's misuse of signs, 17 we have here a parallel with his epistemological theory of the presumed accuracy of representation of sense experience in the soul. The consequence is that verbal representation can accurately signify the world we experience and a trained rhetorician is concerned to proffer probable truths without going through the kind of demonstration that would be required to confirm these truths scientifically.

Translation used here is that of W. Sutton and H . Rackham, Loeb edition, pp. 3 5 1 - 4 . T r a n s . Jowett, in Collected Dialogues, pp. 4 2 1 - 7 4 . 13 The critical texts of antiquity thought are not to be found in the physical world and cannot be extracted from it. 23 For Plato, a direct knowledge of real existence is not only possible but preferable to that achieved through the mediation of words and things. The soul and its objects of knowledge are eternal and unchanging; they may only be imperfectly known through verbal mimesis.

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