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Zin in IB 65—6, zin in VI 152 are doubtful. -n\-n are lacking in dgu(n) IV 269, Mre(rc) IB 80—1, IV 19 etc. -m is curious in — rgum (dgu) IV 239, dgum IV 228, drum (drun) IV141,154,168,205,263, gsum (gsun) II21. Also -n for -m in hbyan IB 42. In sen-rum (se-ru) IB 4 -m is superfluous. 4. fe, as an appendage to final vowels, is noticed by Thon-mi-Sambhota; but Tibetan orthography retains it only in a limited class of cases with the vowel a. It is found not infrequently, but irregularly, in Documents and in the Texts, being in both occasionally used even before a final consonant.

Receive the European designations Nominative, Accusative or Object (with a sub-Case, Determinative, akin to the Cognate of European grammar), Instrumental, Linguistic Introduction: Morphology 41 Dative or Objective (of Advantage, Dativus Commodi), Ablative, Genitive or Relative, Locative (with Locative of Time), Thon-mi Sambhota was influenced, as is thought, by his study of Sanskrit grammar. The Gases are defined by their functions, with specifications of the Suffixes by which in nearly all circumstances the functions were expressed.

Irregularities in the Mss. — . hi(s) after n, m, r: -n-hi IA 128, -m-hi IB 29, -r-hi IA 91, 98, 113, 119. , V 39, -s-ki. , VI 114, 132, 160. , -s-gi II 24, VI 152. , IV 101, 311, V 11, 31, 37, VI 142, -n-gyi IA 41, IV 92, 203, V 33, VI 9, 86, 95 etc. — for yi: si-gyis V 21. — gi for gyi: -n-gi IV 2, -rn-gi IB 30,32, 41, -r-gi IB 69, 78, 80, 87, 94, -l-gi IB 72. , in khyis IA 94, phywas IA 63, bkras IA 78. There seems to be a marked tendency to generalize the g- forms which, in the Ms. Chronicle also are prevalent.

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