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Full-color pictures. This examine the tradition that almost all motivated Western society tells how the Greeks made warfare and worshiped their gods, and examines their legacy of technology, medication, philosophy and artwork. "While there are different titles that percentage the focal point, age point, and basic insurance of this quantity, it is difficult to overcome the reputation of the format and the great thing about the illustrations came across the following. This booklet is a valuable buy, even for collections that already contain different titles at the topic."--School Library Journal.  

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The exterior decoration could be admired when the cup was hung up on the wall by one handle. A modern potter is hand-painting a vase. The ancient techniques are still in use today. Good copies of ancient vases can be bought. 49 Farming, fishing, and food Life on a Greek farm was difficult as Time stands still This shepherd and flock going home for the night look the same as they would have done in ancient times. the soil in much of Greece is of poor quality. Greek farmers ploughed in spring and then again in autumn.

Over the top this man is wearing a rectangular himation. Younger men sometimes wore only the himation which was draped over one shoulder and wrapped around the hips. Greek clothes would not have hems as they would have been woven to the correct length. Family group Children wore similar clothes to their parents, but probably had quite short tunics so that they could run about easily. Adults and children went barefoot indoors and put on leather sandals with many straps when they went out. Sun protection Outside, both men and women wore hats to protect themselves from the hot sun.

Early in the evening they might discuss politics and philosophy, but as they drank more and more wine, they would tell each other jokes, riddles, and stories. Eventually, after drinking a great deal of wine, the banqueters would fall asleep on their comfortable couches, leaving the women and slave Drinking cup boys to tidy up. This is a special kind Diver’s tomb A typical banqueting scene is painted on the wall of a tomb at Paestum, a Greek colony in southern Italy. It shows young men reclining together on couches, while slaves serve them with food and wine on small tables.

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