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Willow understands she's assorted from different ladies. and never simply because she loves tinkering round with automobiles. Willow has a present. she will inspect people's futures, recognize their goals, their hopes and their regrets, simply by touching them. She has no thought the place she will get this energy from - yet Alex does. beautiful, mysterious Alex is familiar with Willow's mystery and is on a undertaking to prevent her. The darkish forces inside Willow make her harmful - and impossible to resist. inspite of himself, Alex unearths he's falling in love together with his sworn enemy.

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Um – I usual y give readings in the dining room,” I said, starting down the hal way. ” Beth trailed after me, gazing silently at the kitten figurines and the bookcases stuffed ful of Harlequin romances and floppy sad clowns, and the dozens of dusty decorative plates on the wal . Aunt Jo’s a col ector as wel as a hoarder. She practical y keeps the Franklin Mint in business single-handedly. Seeing it al through Beth’s eyes, I suddenly realized that maybe the inside of the house wasn’t that normal after al .

Sinking onto her haunches, she idly stirred the cool, clear water with one manicured finger. It doesn’t matter about my GPA, she tried to tel herself. In fact, I’ve heard that some colleges like it if you don’t do perfectly, because it shows that you’re better rounded, or something— Her thoughts broke off as the stream caught fire. Only it wasn’t fire at al , it was light: a bright, hot light that blazed suddenly across the water, dancing on the ripples. Beth looked up with a gasp…and saw an angel.

How long are you here for? Because, you know – if you’re looking for something to do, or maybe someone to show you around—” There was a beeping sound from his jeans pocket as his cel phone announced a text. Alex’s heart leaped. Turning away slightly, he pul ed the phone out and flipped it open. Enemy sighted, Aspen CO. Residence 1124 Tyler St. Yes! Immediately, Alex felt the fierce buzz sweep over him that he always got when there’d been a sighting. Final y – it had been over a week; he’d been going insane.

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