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By Professor Gregory L. Ulmer

"Applied Grammatology deals a whole, rigorous, and perceptive examining of my released paintings, from the earliest to the newest. Gregory Ulmer's interpretation is immediately refined, devoted, and academic, and will be of significant use for this by myself. it really is, additionally, an unique and path-breaking ebook even if discussing new paintings kinds or the transformation of the pedagogical scene... I learn this ebook with reputation and admiration."--Jacques Derrida

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Applied Grammatology: Post(e)-Pedagogy from Jacques Derrida to Joseph Beuys

"Applied Grammatology deals an entire, rigorous, and perceptive studying of my released paintings, from the earliest to the latest. Gregory Ulmer's interpretation is straight away refined, devoted, and academic, and will be of substantial use for this on my own. it really is, in addition, an unique and path-breaking e-book no matter if discussing new paintings varieties or the transformation of the pedagogical scene.

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To understand the rationale (\lr ail the interpolations, citations defimtions used in Clus. Derrida says, one must realize that .. the object of the present work, its style too, is the '1I/OrCCIlII' [bit, piece. morsel. fragment: musical composition: snack. Ill\'utltfulj Which is always delJched, as its name indicates and so you do 58 BEYOND DECONSTRUCTION: DERRIDA not forget it, with the teeth" (elas, 135). The "teeth," as Derrida explained in an interview, refer to quotation marks, brackets, parentheses: when language is cited (put between quotation marks), the effect is that of releasing the grasp or hold of a controlling context.

We see here why Derrida calls Hegel the first philosopher of writing as well as the last philosopher of the book, since the articulation of the undecidability in differance is a generalization of Hegel's speculative procedure (a generalization with anti- or non-Hegelian consequences): Without naively Llsing the category of chance, of happy predestination or of the chance encounter, one would have to do for each concept what Hegel does for the German notion of A ujhebung, whose equivocality and presence in the German language he calls de/igh rJill: "AuJheben has in the German language a double sense: that of preserving, main raining, and that of leaving off, bringing to an end.

Or in any case also imitates, induces the word-thing Tieret. ("Fors," 114) The TR of the Verbarium accounts for the GL of Glas-the Wolf Man, or rather, Abraham and Torok's theory of the Wolf Man's language, teaches Derrida to write "orally," an operation between words and things, with the mouth meta-(mor)phorized as the philosopheme beyond theory. Signature. The key to the production of the text is the author's proper name: the proper name is the permeable membrane (the tympan, the hymen, allowing contamination between the inside and outSide).

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