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Then the monk went again into a state of samadhi [absorption of the self in the infinite], and ananda. He sat quietly for some time. The monk recognized that it was his ego that wanted the permanence of this experience and understood that experiencing is only possible when the ego is absent. It was a moment of moksha [liberation from the cycle of birth and rebirth after the death of one’s last bodily existence into absorption in the infinite] that could not be recalled. The monk was quick to recognize this; he got up, prostrated before Krishnaji and left the room accompanied by Achyutji who was the witness to the truth and the transmission of what had happened between Krishnaji and the monk.

We walked on, and very few noticed this incident. * During the 1950s Krishnaji gave a full one-hour talk in Varanasi at the school. ” 37 The threefold path of jnana yoga [earnest and meditative study], bhakti yoga [devotion and humility], and karma yoga [duty without expectation of recognition or reward] were enshrined integrally in that one statement of Krishnamurti’s. It was a stunning experience. Once Achyutji told me of an incident that happened in Rajghat. There was a Jain muni [an ascetic monk who follows the strict teachings of Jainism, a religion that took root in India around the same time as Buddhism] who had undergone many austerities, including plucking the hair of his head from its roots.

The hostels for its boarding students were built on the campus of the school. The rural center across the Varana trained about a hundred youths of the neighborhood in modern agricultural methods, horticulture, and related subjects. A road ran from Varanasi right through the campus, separating the hostels of the school and the college, and stopped on the edge of the Varana, from where one could catch a ferry boat to the rural center. One could also walk on a small bridge 36 and cross over to Us-Paar (the area on the other side of the river).

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