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By Jackie Clay-Atkinson

This massive booklet is ideal for the kitchen. Departing from canning, this installment of the "Ask Jackie" sequence covers every thing from greens to vinegar. Spanning from dairy, to grains, to foodstuff, to fruit and greens, its pages supply scrumptious recipes, convenient tricks, and sensible suggestion for these studying to prepare dinner or perfecting their talents as a self-sufficient homesteader. This suits well with either Water bathtub Canning and strain Canning to supply a very finished advisor to foodstuff practise.

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The corn is done when it is very dry and brittle. Store in a glass airtight jar. If the slightest bit of condensation appears, re-dry or it will mold. To make parched corn: Simply make a big batch of sweet corn on the cob. Boil or roast till done. Eat all you want for a meal, then when it is cool, cut it off the cob. Place on a single layer in your dehydrator or on a cookie sheet in the oven, as above. It is done when very dry, like the fresh sweet corn. I use parched corn in soups and stews, and also casseroles; it has a sweet nutty taste.

Here they are easier to scorch. So scoop them out before they sink to be safe. Do this after they form bubbles in them, then drain on a paper towel. If you want them crispier, finish them off on a cookie sheet in your oven on low heat until they are crisp, yet not scorched. Heating them to 450°F is way too hot. No wonder your cracklings are burning. Used cooking oil Your articles over the years have been very helpful and I’m hoping you can help me yet again! I want to find a way to dispose of cooking oil in a reasonably environmentally friendly way.

Butter, half a cup of cream, and 2 Tbsp. brown sugar and put the top back on. I baked it at 350°F while the wind roared outside and when it was done, we ate the best dinner we’d had in a long time. Wonderful! ) I hope this has ignited your creativity. Squash are great. Oh, I almost forgot, you can also grate squash raw to add to salads or slice into dipping-sized pieces to have on your next veggie tray. Just don’t tell ‘em it’s squash. Say “Candy Roaster” instead. It sounds nicer. Hopi Pale Grey recipes If you have any simple recipes for Hopi Pale Gray squash, I would appreciate them.

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