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This publication is intended to be a reference resource for the basic formulae of astrophysics. anyplace attainable, the unique resource of the cloth being offered is referenced including references to more moderen changes and functions.

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3. L/(1-ßrr) 1' 2 • The total power radiated over all harmonics is 2e4H2[1 P, = 3m2 c3 ( - ß2)(1 II - ß2)-1 - 1] = 159 . x 1o-1sßiH2 1- ß2 ergsec -1 . (1-167) The first and second terms in the brackets { } of Eq. (1-166) respectively represent polarized components of emission with the electric vector parallel, 11. l, to the magnetic field. Analytic approximations for the Gyrosynchrotron Radiation of an Electron 33 0=0° Fig. 3. The angular distribution of the radiation intensity from a mildly relativistic electron (after 1960).

33. There is a generat relation between refraction and absorption, however, which was first derived by KRAMERS and KRONIG (1928). If the electric susceptibility x= x1 + i x2 , where x1 and x2 are real, then the Kramers-Kronig relations are (1-89) and f 00 ( ) __ 2w 0 X2 Wo - 1t X1 (w)dw w 2 -w02 ' 0 where w0 is the frequency at which x1 or x2 are being evaluated. When a medium has a total extinction cross section, rre, then Eq. , is given by rr e = rr a + rr s. 16. Lorentz Coordinate Transformation The Lorentz transformation is a means by which the coordinates x,y,z,t of an event in one inertial system (the K system) can be transferred into the coordinates x', y', z', t' of the same event in another inertial system (the K' system).

1 cm, whereas mercury, venus, and mars have respective variable components of about 90°K, 50°K and40°K. At optical frequencies, the Wienapproximation may be used with Eq. 8 x 10- 11 ;) ergsec- 1 cm- 2 Hz- 1 • (1-134) Optical astronomers measure flux in terms of apparent magnitude, m. 35 x 106 ergsec- 1 cm- 2 26 Continuum Radiation at the Earth. Further formulae relating flux densities and magnitudes to luminosity, and formulae for magnitude corrections, are given in Chap. 5. The Lorentz transformations given in Eqs.

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