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By Susan Goldberg, Roy Muir, John Kerr

At a historical convention in Toronto in October 1993, developmental researchers and clinicians got here jointly for the 1st time to discover the consequences of present wisdom of attachment. This quantity is the end result in their labors. It deals cutting edge methods to the knowledge of such varied scientific subject matters as baby abuse, borderline character sickness, dissociation, adolescent suicide, therapy responsiveness, fake reminiscence, narrative competence, and the intergenerational transmission of trauma.

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The collective sense of guilt and loss and the desire for reparation both found an answer in the idea of maternal deprivation. Children had suffered terribly as a result of the war, as had the repressed, childlike aspects of the adults who had witnessed and perpetrated the horrors of war. This valuation and, at times, sentimentalizing of 30 JEREMY HOLMES the mother-child relationship in postwar Europe can be compared with a similar sentiment that emerged in the 19th century in the face of the brutality of the Industrial Revolution.

Attachment theory suggests that the psychobiological response to threat is to tum to an attachment figure. But when the threat originates with an abusive attachment figure, a vicious circle is set up in which the greater the abuse, the more the child clings, a response that may, in turn, be used by the abuser to license further abuse, and so on. Similar patterns can easily be observed in the transference when working therapeutically with abused patients. As Fairbairn (1952) stated, better to cling to a bad object than to have none at all.

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