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By Kristin J. Anderson

Whereas overt prejudice is now less wide-spread than in a long time prior, refined prejudice - prejudice that's inconspicuous, oblique, and infrequently subconscious - maintains to pervade our society. legislation don't defend opposed to sophisticated prejudice and, due to its covert nature, it's tricky to watch and regularly is going undetected through either wrongdoer and sufferer. Benign Bigotry makes use of a clean, unique layout to check refined prejudice through addressing six usually held cultural myths in response to assumptions that seem innocuous yet truly foster discrimination: 'those humans all glance alike'; 'they has to be accountable of something'; 'feminists are man-haters'; 'gays flaunt their sexuality'; 'I'm no longer a racist, i am color-blind' and 'affirmative motion is opposite racism'. Kristin J. Anderson skillfully relates every one of those myths to actual global occasions, emphasizes how mistakes in person pondering can have an effect on society at huge, and indicates techniques for lowering prejudice in way of life.

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As an Asian American, then, she is constantly reminded of her minority group membership status. She may seek refuge in her identity as an Asian American, and her sense of Asian American identity might be a source of comfort. Therefore, she may be motivated to see her ethnic group as a cohesive category. Minorities might accentuate ingroup resemblances, particularly positive characteristics, as a way to utilize self-esteem to fight the threat of the majority group and to achieve an ingroup solidarity.

45 For instance, if white people’s only interactions with people of color are when they are being served by them in a restaurant, or having their house cleaned, a white person’s ideas about ethnic minorities will be drawn from very narrow roles that people of color play in white people’s lives. 46 Fourth, people are motivated to see themselves as unique and therefore look for ways to distinguish themselves from their group in order to maintain their individuality, thus emphasizing the heterogeneity of their group.

18 Many arrested in Iraq during the US and British invasion and occupation of the country were similarly captured under ambiguous conditions. ”19 There are myriad explanations as to why the evidence against many of the detainees is non-existent or thin. The false belief that Muslims are all alike could be one component of the explanation. 20 From an English-speaking Westerner’s perspective, Osama and Obama and Iraq and Iran sound the same. And if you believe that all Arabs are the same, that they all hate America, that they don’t value human life the way Westerners do,21 then really what’s the difference?

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