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A sense of community can be limited to a specific task or action such as a group effort to obtain a sufficient number of signatures to get a local candidate’s place on a ballot, or a “neighborhood watch” effort to reduce crime, or a united voice from parents to make local schools safer (Colombo, Mosso, & DePiccoli, 2001). A sense of community is often the result of a community disaster where individual and group differences that might separate people during normal times are overlooked in a community’s pulling together to help survivors or victims.

Halpern (1982) deals with the opposite problem of the failure to attach to key persons. He discusses “attachment hunger” where individuals become so attached to another person that it becomes disabling and destructive. He suggests the value of friends and a supportive network during the process of breaking addictive relationships. 4 10 1 Social Connections homes where the parents had separated or divorced, or the father died early. Other distinguishing characteristics were the same as for death from coronary heart disease: nonparticipation in sports, secretiveness, and social isolation.

For example, they may see a parent “use” illness as a way of eliciting love and attention, or they may see a parent deny pain or illness to assert their independence and resist support from spouse and family. Long-Term Effects of Negative Attachments Researchers have found that the early experience with an attachment figure contributes to a person’s experience with future relationships and feelings of self-worth, self-efficacy, and a capacity to enjoy intimacy. The attachment experience itself helps to form a child’s personality, but it is the interactions between the mother and the child that are of critical importance.

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