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Switch how you take into consideration new principles through steerage your creativity in new and extra efficient instructions. rules. even if the target is to create a billion-dollar company, repair a damaged approach, decrease charges, or just locate definitely the right reward for that precise anyone, all of us want a regular circulation of step forward ideas—and we have all realized from event that conventional brainstorming does not generate them. Former McKinsey experts Kevin P. Coyne and Shawn T. Coyne have spent greater than a decade constructing a greater approach—Brainsteering—that takes brainstorming and different superseded ideation recommendations and "steers" them in a extra efficient course by means of larger reflecting the way in which people truly imagine and paintings in inventive problem-solving events. via introducing simply the correct amount of constitution into the method, and asking simply the correct questions, Brainsteering has helped Fortune 500 businesses, small not-for-profits, and contributors alike generate principles they formerly may by no means have imagined. Peppered with thought-provoking and enjoyable examples drawn from the place of work and pop culture, Brainsteering will help a person increase step forward rules, even if operating by myself on a one-time challenge or turning a whole association into an ongoing "idea factory." And getting all started is simple: easily ask the perfect questions, and stable principles will persist with.

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And they can all be traced back to Mr. Frantz. So how did a Broadway producer get the idea for a corn maze? He asked himself a question. ” The answer was far from obvious, because hedgerow mazes take many years—and are exorbitantly expensive—to grow. Fortunately, two days later, Mr. Frantz took a whole new perspective on his question—literally. While flying cross-country on a business trip, he looked out the window, and suddenly the answer was perfectly clear. Underneath those spacious skies were mile after mile of cornfields, with row after row of tall green stalks blowing gently in the wind.

And in the end, we hope you’ll find we’ve changed forever the way you think about new ideas, by steering your creative brain in a productive new direction. PART I ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS (AND GOOD IDEAS WILL FOLLOW) Chapter 1 The Proven Power of Questions to Help You Find Ideas Asking the Right Questions made a huge difference for Don Frantz. And for the founders of Compaq and all the Z–1–4 companies. And for all those other people we cited. But how can you be sure that a question-based approach will make such a difference for you?

In fact, the Brainsteering approach works for all kinds of ideas in all kinds of environments. We’ve used it successfully to develop magazine columns, movie scripts, song lyrics, and themes for birthday parties. We’ve used it in Fortune 500 companies, tiny entrepreneurial ventures, and universities. We’ve used it with CEOs, sales forces, marketing gurus, finance and accounting wizards, and telephone operators. We’ve used it . . well, you get the idea. Whether you work in a for-profit or a not-for-profit organization, or all by yourself, whether you hope to apply your creative skills in the professional context of business, entertainment, or education, or in some aspect of your personal life, we hope you’ll find Brainsteering to be a powerful addition to your ideation tool kit.

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