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By Malgorzata Grzegorzewska, Jean Ward, Mark Burrows

This e-book of essays on poetic speech, considered in a literary-critical, theological and philosophical mild, explores the connections and disconnections among susceptible human phrases, so frequently harassed with doubt and discomfort, and the final word kenosis of the divine note at the go. An introductory dialogue of language and prayer is by means of reflections linking poetry with spiritual event and theology, in particular apophatic, and wondering the power of language to arrive out past itself. The vital part foregrounds the motif of the anguish flesh, whereas the ultimate part, together with essays on seventeenth-century English metaphysical poetry and several other of the good poets of the 20 th century, is dedicated to the sounds and rhythms which offer a poem its personal form of «body».

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Of how to give”. (Susan Sellers, Introduction to The Hélène Cixous Reader, “Clarice Lispector”, para. 1). 38 Jennifer Reek some lines from the poem around our phrase because they will figure in the reflection that is to follow, and because, as Heidegger suggests, “We hear Hölderlin’s words more clearly when we take them back into the poem in which they belong” (“‘… Poetically Man Dwells …’” 216): May, if life is sheer toil, a man Lift his eyes and say: so I too wish to be? Yes. As long as Kindness, The Pure, still stays with his heart, man Not unhappily measures himself Against the godhead.

3 See the following essays by Martin Heidegger (written in the 1950s and reprinted in Poetry, Language, Thought): “Building Dwelling Thinking”, “The Thing”, “‘… Poetically Man Dwells …’”, and “The Question Concerning Technology”. 4 Verena Andermatt Conley gives one of the best definitions I have found of the term, which is difficult to articulate and frequently misunderstood. In her perceptive introduction to Cixous’s Reading with Clarice Lispector, vii, she writes, “écriture féminine is a working term referring less to a writing practiced mainly by women than, in a broader logical category, to textual ways of spending.

Reading: Word into Flesh: “We Are Thinking the Same Thing that Hölderlin is Saying Poetically” So writes Heidegger in “‘… Poetically Man Dwells …’” (218), and I suggest that both Jasper and Cixous participate in this kind of poetic thinking. First we must ask what it is that Heidegger says Hölderlin is saying poetically. Heidegger in his essay speaks of turning away from one horizon to another, using the language 9 In her preface to The Hélène Cixous Reader (Para. 6), Cixous writes, “People either know or don’t know that I have four or five forms of written expression: poetic fiction, chamber theater or theater on a world scale, criticism, essays – without counting the notebooks I write only to myself and which no one will ever read, where I exercise a different style.

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