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By Trent Bax

This ebook presents a fully-contextualised, multidisciplinary exam of bullying and violence in South Korean society. Bullying and violence has been a urgent societal factor due to the fact that 2011, having been labelled as a 'social evil' to be eliminated by means of the govt. notwithstanding, the difficulty has been incorrectly restrained to colleges while in reality it's common in society and in expert settings, as Bax argues during this unique new textual content.
Through twenty in-depth case reviews and unique case fabric from a Juvenile Detention Centre, Bax examines the ancient, cultural, political and social contexts of bullying and violence to higher comprehend the character of those crimes, the perpetrators, and the way they arrive jointly within the broader cultural panorama in which the person, the family members, the college and the group are embedded.

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