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By Horst Herrlich (auth.), Eraldo Giuli (eds.)

This quantity comprises conscientiously chosen and refereed papers provided on the International Workshop on specific Topology, held on the college of L'Aquila, L'Aquila, Italy from August 31 to September four, 1994.
This assortment represents quite a lot of present advancements within the box, and should be of curiosity to mathematicians whose paintings contains class idea.

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There is a 'weakly' counterpart of C F, say wC F, if one omits the uniqueness of the extension 1 above. This category is even closed under: U -retracts, in 32 G. RICHTER general, and products, if the U -images of the projections form a mono-source in S. For the concrete example C = ComP2' the category of compact Hausdorff spaces, U the underlying set functor of Top, the category of all topological spaces and continuous maps between them, and F = {3, the Cech-Stonecompactification, much more is known about CF = Compf3.

LEMMA 11. Let X be a proximity space and let A be a closed subalgebra of P*(X) such that f E P*(X) and f2 E A implies f E A. Let 11 be a filter on X such that f11 converges for all f E A. Then there exists a proximally prime filter F C 11 on X such that f F converges for all f E A. 2 works as well for the algebra P* (X) in order to show that every closed subalgebra is a sub lattice. Let F be the filter on X generated by the collection of all subsets of X of the form f-I [0, 1J where f E A and f11 converges to 0.

To complete the proof of (a), we must show that U envelops V. To that end, let F be a proximally prime filter on X with V c F For some D E V and some i E J, we have g[D] c Bc; (Yi) C KCi (Yi). By the construction of Ei it follows that the set D is contained in the union Uk=1 Fik. Therefore, that union is a member of V and hence also of F. Since F is proximally prime, for some k, Fik E F Hence, Uik E F and it follows that F n U =1= 0. (b): Let W be as stated in (a). The uniform cover W is strongly refined by some uniform cover A of g[X].

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