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Twelve sites do not preserve kilns. She also considered ceramic kilns from western Turkey in her study, which she does not include in her article. See also other lists in Mingazzini 1954. A cross-reference list between Seifert's entries and mine is found in Appendix II. 50 The same year McLoughlin (1993) wrote an honors thesis at the University of Sydney on ancient Greek kilns. 51 Amphores grecques 1986. 23 INTRODUCTION _____________________________________________ Lenormant Ave. V. Day and V. C.

In this section I mention only works which either are directly relevant to Greek ceramics or refer to ceramic kilns regardless of geographical area. For brief explanations of the various scientific methods applied on ceramics in Greece, see Jones R. 1986a, 15-22, 82136; Rice 1987, 415-35. A recent account of the contribution of scientific methods to ceramics can be found in Jones R. 1993. For in-depth provenance studies on sherds and samples of clay from modern sources in Greece and Cyprus, see Jones R.

64 For Tunisia, Balfet 1965, 1973. Ethnographic work on Egypt has been conducted by Lacovara 1985; Nicholson and Patterson 1985, 1989. 65 Mayes 1961; 1962; Bryant 1978/9 (with earlier bibliography on experimental firings). Cook (1984) reports on an experimental firing of a kiln at Calke Wood in England. 26 INTRODUCTION _____________________________________________ were then compared with those reported in the ethnographic data. 69 The kiln, which was built by one of the oldest potters still living in the area, was used to fire the Koroneika, the traditional large jars in the area.

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