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By Scott F. Parker

Supplying philosophical insights into the preferred morning brew, Coffee -- Philosophy for Everyone kick begins the day with an interesting yet severe dialogue of the ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics, and tradition of espresso.

  • Matt Lounsbury of pioneering company Stumptown espresso discusses simply how reliable espresso might be
  • Caffeine-related chapters disguise the ethics of the espresso alternate, the metaphysics of espresso and the centrality of the espresso condo to the general public sphere
  • Includes a foreword by means of Donald Schoenholt, President at Gillies espresso corporation

Chapter 1 espresso (pages 7–24): Mark Pendergrast
Chapter 2 the mandatory floor of being (pages 25–33): Michael W. Austin
Chapter three The Unexamined Cup isn't really worthy consuming (pages 34–45): Kristopher G. Phillips
Chapter four Samsara in a espresso Cup (pages 46–58): Steven Geisz
Chapter five The Existential flooring of real neighborhood (pages 59–70): Jill Hernandez
Chapter 6 Sage suggestion from Ben's mother (pages 71–88): Scott F. Parker
Chapter 7 The Coffeehouse as a Public Sphere (pages 89–99): Asaf Bar?Tura
Chapter eight Cafe Noir (pages 100–112): Brook J. Sadler
Chapter nine The Philosopher's Brew (pages 113–124): Bassam Romaya
Chapter 10 3 Cups (pages 125–137): Will Buckingham
Chapter eleven Is Starbucks rather larger than purple model X? (pages 138–151): Kenneth Davids
Chapter 12 the flavour of selection (pages 152–165): Andrew Wear
Chapter thirteen Starbucks and the 3rd Wave (pages 166–183): John Hartmann
Chapter 14 How strong the espresso could be (pages 184–191): Scott F. Parker
Chapter 15 greater than 27 Cents an afternoon (pages 193–204): Gina Bramucci and Shannon Mulholland
Chapter sixteen better, quicker, more desirable, Buzzed (pages 205–216): Kenneth W. Kirkwood
Chapter 17 eco-friendly espresso, eco-friendly shoppers – eco-friendly Philosophy? (pages 217–227): Stephanie W. Aleman
Chapter 18 espresso and the nice lifestyles (pages 228–238): Lori Keleher

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The lethal dose for humans is about ten grams, though it would be virtually impossible to consume that much quickly by drinking coffee, requiring more than one hundred cups. Initial signs of toxicity include vomiting, abdominal cramps, and a racing heartbeat. The fourth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) includes caffeine intoxication as a bona fide ailment. Yet moderate caffeine intake has benefits. As Harry Hollingworth found in his 1911 double-blind studies, caffeine can minimally improve motor skills and reaction time while leaving sleep patterns relatively unaffected.

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