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By E. Schnepf (auth.), Prof. Dr. W. Wiessner, Prof. D. G. Robinson, Dr. R. C. Starr (eds.)

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We have also recently sequenced the psbA gene in a uniparental mutant of C. reinhardii that is resistant to the herbicides DCMU and atrazine: it differs from the wild type at a single base pair, resulting in the substitution of serine by alanine in the predicted sequence of the 32,000 MW protein of photosystem II (Erickson et al. 1983b). In addition to providing another site for the correlation of the genetic and physical maps, this finding has other imp'ortant implications: it provides us with a well defmed selectable marker to attempt chloroplast transformation (see below) and establishes the molecular basis for herbicide resistance in the mutant.

11 translation assay, sufficient for one transport experiment. Following translation the ribosomes were removed by centrifugation (30 min at 100,000 g). 11 were taken for analyis of incorporation into hot trichloroacetic acid material and protein composition, respectively. 38 K. Kloppstech et al. In Vitro Transport Chloroplasts were isolated from 80 g pea plants according to Douce and Joyard [12] and Poincelot [23] with the modifications described [22]. 5 m1 transport buffer [15]. The transport protocol followed closely that developed by Grossman et al.

The gene for the thymidylate kinase is still in the chloroplast genome or in other words in which the gene is still expressed by translation on 70S ribosomes. Presently representatives of eight of the ten subfamilies of Dasycladaceae are being cultured. A systematic study of representatives of these different subfamilies is aimed at the question whether there is any species within the family of Dasycladaceae in which this enzyme is coded in the chloroplast genome. A positive result would support the hypothesis that genes can jump from the chloroplast genome into the nuclear genome and possibly also vice versa.

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