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In the final 25 years, there's no factor in character psychology which has been as hotly debated as that of consistency. This ebook introduces scalability as an affordable and theoretically enjoyable conceptualization of consistency. 3 empirical reports of scalability are defined; their concentration is at the function of scalability as a moderator in prediction. This booklet makes major inroads within the box of character dimension, and, by means of reviewing past techniques to character review, it presents a valid theoretical foundation for the outline and mapping of personalities.

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The ftrst three points reflect the presence of both ipsative and normative variability in the extent to which traits are scalable for persons. The fourth point argues that, if a person behaves in a scalable fashion in a trait domain, then the representation of situations on that dimension (that is, their scaling for evocativeness) captures much of the important variation in those situations for the individual. Such a person would be particularly sensitive to differences on this dimension. This sensitivity suggests the presence of a cognitive schema, or structure, which processes information in a way which corresponds to the normative scaling of the dimension (Markus, Smith, & Moreland, 1985).

For some traits, scalability measures may relate directly to relevant criteria, functioning as main effects in prediction. More generally, scalability should operate as a moderator variable, that is, it should interact with other measures in the prediction of criteria. Because scalability provides an index of fit, and thus can potentially provide additional insight into personality, exploratory analyses examining the properties of scalability measures against known marker variables are also sanctioned.

This sample was later supplemented by an additional 76 subjects by Kenrick and Braver (1982). In the present discussion, I will consider only the combined data presented by Kenrick and Braver (1982); the earlier analyses of Kenrick and Stringfield, apart from being based on a smaller sample, displayed several confounds which rendered their interpretation difficult (Rushton, Jackson, & Paunonen, 24 - Consistency, Scalability, and Personality Measurement 1981). The criticism which was directed at the frrst paper remains important, however, and so will be discussed at some length in the next section.

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