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In its smooth utilization, the time period "consilience" was once first demonstrated by way of Edward O. Wilson in his 1998 publication, Consilience: The solidarity of Knowledge. Wilson's unique thesis contained components: that nature kinds a unitary order of causal forces, hierarchically equipped, and that medical wisdom, since it delineates nature, additionally kinds a unitary order, promising consensus between different fields.

Bringing jointly state of the art scientists and students throughout this diversity, Darwin's Bridge gives knowledgeable account of consilience and makes it attainable to work out how some distance we've got come towards unifying wisdom concerning the human species, what significant concerns are nonetheless in competition, and which components of study are inclined to produce extra development. Readers should be extremely joyful as they, besides the work's contributing authors, discover the deeper that means of consilience and think about the concord of human evolution, human nature, social dynamics, artwork, and narrative.

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