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Our little problems of reading-protocol cannot therefore remain enclosed in the space of a preface; they are already [deja] the whole problem. This deja, in which we might be tempted to recognize the signature we are trying to respect, is of course also interrogated by Derrida, as what precedes every interrogation and makes it possible .... The remark we wanted to make before beginning turns out to be already in some sense a quotation and an anticipation of our most intractable problems. (Db 9-1 0) I could go on quoting Bennington here, but I won't.

I want to turn now to some of these commentaries, especially those which claim to be introductory or expository. Fourth bite A message, if there is one, never stays intact. Why should philosophy be reserved for professional philosophers? Jacques Derrida This section looks at some of those texts which address 'deconstruction' in a limited, introductory fashion as one 'movement' among many under the more general rubric of 'literary theory'. There are a number of other 'introductions' which focus specifically on 'deconstructive theory' and Jacques Derrida; these, we'll turn to further on in this study.

This suggests that no act of reading can ever attain mastery over the object of its inquiry. It cannot do so for at least two reasons: (i) what reading 'picks up' cannot be wholly determined ahead of the event of the textual encounter, and (ii) whatever the reading does gather up, there is always that which remains, which is the remains of reading, the excess or supplement beyond the act of reading. This is acknowledged through the performance of Derrida's writing, indicated above where French words appear in parentheses.

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