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By Ronald Bogue

This can be the 1st complete creation to Deleuze's paintings on literature. It offers thorough remedies of Deleuze's early booklet on Proust and his seminal quantity on Kafka and minor literature. Deleuze on Literature situates these reviews and plenty of different scattered writings inside a basic undertaking that extends all through Deleuze's career-that of conceiving of literature as a kind of well-being and the author as a cultural surgeon.

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The endpoint of rememoration is the Idea, a stable Essence that separates the contradictory qualities, and that endpoint is already presupposed at the onset of thought's encounter with the contradictory perception. In Proust, by contrast, the contradictory sensation is internal, not in objects or the world. Memory intervenes "because the quality is inseparable from a subjective chain of association, which we are not free to experiment with the first time we undergo it" (PS 132; 97). But the essence discovered is not subjective.

The second cut, the detachment-cut [coupure-detacbement], creates a disjunctive synthesis, a relation of the type "a orb or cor x or . ," but such that the disjunctions are inclusive rather than exclusive, no alternative excluding another, each element affirmed as it is differentiated. These inclusive disjunctions together comprise the grid of the body without organs. As we will recall, every machine has varied functions and participates in multiple networks of activity; hence, each machine contains "a sort of code that is engineered [machine], stockpiled in it" (AO 46; 38).

Not factitious, perhaps indeed all the more real for being ulterior, for being born of a moment of enthusiasm when it is discovered to exist among fragments which need only to be joined together; a unity that was unaware of itself, hence vital and not logical, that did not prohibit variety, dampen invention. It emerges (but applied this time to the work as a whole) like such and such a fragment composed separately" (Proust III 158). The unity effect is an aftereffect, a last stroke of the brush that induces a retrospective unification, as a seed crystal induces a process of crystallization that transforms a metastable chemical solution into a particular configuration of stable forms.

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