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Page 24 © Copyright Pira International Ltd 2006 Developments in Radiation Curing for Coatings New trends in radiation-curing coating technology 4 Eltosch also provides hybrid curing systems, online UV measurement and control systems, integrated cold-air UV systems and inert-UV technology. Eltosch has been supplying inert UV systems since 1992, primarily for the specialty printing market, but has begun offering the systems for sheet-fed printers. Summary A successful inerted process is not difficult to achieve provided the required process controls are in place.

Nanotechnology is going to take the coating industry to a new level with its unique properties, like corrosion resistance, UV stability and gloss retention. However, nanocoatings also have some limitations, such as agglomeration of nanoparticles, hardening of ultra-fine particles etc. Nanotechnology, which works on a nanometre scale of molecules and atoms, will play a large part in the future of packaging, enabling great improvements in this field. Advanced nanotechnlogy will work with molecular precision, making a wide range of products that are currently impossible to make.

The plasma then emits electromagnetic radiation in the form of UV light.  The 3-D UV-curing coating method is applied to chairs and other three-dimensional objects to replace solvent-borne coatings in the furniture industry The method consists of the water-borne LUMINOL UV-curing coatings, a spray booth with a recovery system and UVITEC, a new 3-D UV-curing device, in which curing of waterborne UV lacquer takes place under an inert atmosphere in carbon dioxide. It is used for curing small, intricately shaped objects.

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