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This quantity will provide a scientific exposition of recognized effects at no cost activities through finite teams on S. The textual content starts off with initial fabric on Seifert manifolds and staff type. this is often by means of sections facing similar issues together with loose bZe/2 and bZe/3 activities on lens/prism manifolds, the relief theorem -and tangential constitution.

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The basic personality of primary teams and protecting areas are offered as compatible for introducing algebraic topology. the 2 issues are taken care of in separate sections. the focal point is at the use of algebraic invariants in topological difficulties. purposes to different parts of arithmetic akin to genuine research, complicated variables, and differential geometry also are mentioned.

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This ebook, that is the complaints of a convention held at Memorial collage of Newfoundland, August 1983, includes 18 papers in algebraic topology and homological algebra by way of collaborators and co-workers of Peter Hilton. it really is devoted to Hilton at the get together of his sixtieth birthday. some of the subject matters coated are homotopy idea, $H$-spaces, team cohomology, localization, classifying areas, and Eckmann-Hilton duality.

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He uses this to prove that every free action by C3 on a lens space is equivalent to a free linear action. 1. Consider one parameter families of embedded 2-spheres (for S3) or embedded Heegard tori (for a lens space) which sweep out the total space of the group action. A typical family is a map (S2 x [0,17, S2 x {0,1}) (T2 x [0,11, T2 2. x -r (S3,{x1,x2}) or {0,1}) -> (L(p,q), {c1,c2}) Take such families which are in general position with respect to C3 = {1,A,A2}, that is, Et , AEt , A2Et are in general position for all except a finite number of critical values of t.

F-1 ([y J x = u j=1 X. 3 2j-2 , y B2 n , Zj-1 I n A), Y. = f-1(Cy Y = Bo J=1 J , y 2n n JY. 2j-1 , B = 3=0 vB. J I n A) 2j n , D = J=p U B2 . ;. x; ;e A There are deformation retractions of X*(and Y*) LEMMA D onto D* We construct an equivariant retraction of Xj onto Proof. B . 2j-2 . The argument for Y. is similar. Let a = be a typical simplex of A such that a n Xj 0 There are three possibilities:(i) f maps each vertex to y 2j-2 , when there is nothing to prove. Fvo s y Let 2j x e a n X.

Inductively we may suppose that all such have been removed. Consider the one remaining curve C1 in K n AK. be a small tubular neighbourhood of C1 such that N Let N n AN = 0. Write C. R = M - N - (AN) L (A2N)u , so that R - K - AK - A2K = R1 U R2 (disjoint union) when R1 and R2 are A-invariant solid tori. The orbit space is 47 a union of 3 solid tori, which intersect in pairs along boundary annuli. 1 this is enough to establish the existence of a Seifert fibration (with base space S2 and at most 3 exceptional fibres).

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