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Алекса́ндр Македо́нский (Александр III Великий, 356 — 323 гг. до н. э.) — македонский царь с 336 до н. э. из династии Аргеадов, великий полководец, создатель мировой державы, распавшейся после его смерти. В западной историографии более известен как Алекса́ндр Вели́кий.В 334 до н. э. Александр отправился в свой знаменитый поход в Азию, а было ему только 18 лет. Результатом похода явилось создание огромной империи, простиравшейся от реки Истр (совр. Дунай) в Европе до реки Ганг в Индии.

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Elephants in the Indian army had metal tips fitted to their tusks. E. is considered one of Alexander’s greatest military achievements. To come out the victor, the Macedonian leader had to draw on a number of skills: an understanding of psychology, cool nerve, quick reactions, resourcefulness, command of strategy, organizational ability, and leadership. The discipline of his troops was also of critical importance. As the Hydaspes swelled from the rains, Porus and his army waited on the opposite bank.

Alexander decided to said to have heard about a conspirlet each unit take turns sharing the honor. acy against Alexander and failed to Alexander also lived through various other minor and report it. The Macedonian army serious wounds and illnesses. These ranged from a bird found him guilty of treason. He and dropping a stone on his head to getting a mild case of hyseveral others were executed. pothermia while crossing the Cydnus (now called the Tarsus) Alexander then sent soldiers River. to Ecbatana where Parmenion was stationed.

As with so many other events of Alexander’s career, historians disagree about many aspects of this march. They are not sure whether Alexander knew how difficult this crossing would be. Some believe he did know and wanted to prove that his army could do what others had failed to accomplish. Others believe he had no idea and that local guides who were hostile to the Macedonians may have intentionally misIf Alexander meant to meet up with his fleet and its commander, informed them. Other hisNearchus, at either Pasni or Gwadar, further along the coast, that torians believe the disaster mission failed.

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