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First released in 1995. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa corporation.

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THE TOPOGRAPHIC POINT OF VIEW In his 1915 paper entitled“ T h e Unconscious,”Freud (1915a) proposed the topographic point of view. This perspective refers to the conscious, preconscious, and Copyrighted Material 16 Essentials of Psychoanalysis unconscious states of mind. The conscious is that part of our mental life of which we are fully aware at any time; for example, the time we know we feel sexual excitement. The preconscious refers to thoughts and feelings that can be brought into consciousness fairly easily; for example, with some external stimulation we can feel sexual excitement.

When we speak of placing a high value upon a particular idea or feeling, we imply that the idea or feeling exerts a powerful force in directing behavior (Hall & Lindzey, 1957). THE CONSTELLATING POWER OF A COMPLEX This consists of the number of groups of items that are brought into association by the nuclear element of the complex. Copyrighted Material Modifiers of Freud’s Personality Theory 39 Thus, if one has a strong patriotic complex it means that the nucleus, love of one’s country, will produce constellations of experiences around it.

ALFRED ADLER A valued contemporary of Freud’s, Alfred Adler eventually became estranged from his mentor, rejecting many of Freud’s theories on psychosexual development and treatment. The theory of personality that Adler postulated is an extremely economical one. A few concepts explain his whole theoretical structure (Adler, 1927; Ansbacher & Ansbacher, 1956; Orgler, 1963). ADLER’s MAJOR CONCEPTS STRIVING FOR SUPERIORITY There are three stages in Adler’s thinking concerning the primary motive in the human being.

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