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By Antonio Togni, Tamio Hayashi

This e-book captures the multidisciplinary nature of ferrocene learn. Well-referenced and written via best specialists within the box, it's a welcome resource of in-depth details for graduate scholars and execs in natural, organometallic, and polymer chemistry, in addition to in fabrics technological know-how.

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Cis-PdCl,(dppf-P, P') [22, 571, Au,Cl,(p-dppf) [54], [Re,(CO),],(p-dppf) [42] and Mn($-MeCp)(CO)(dppf-P, P') [53, 661) tend to entrap solvent molecules in their crystal lattices. This clathrating property of dppf and its complexes provides an opportunity for the study of inclusion chemistry of organometallics. 2 Geometrical Distortions The ability of dppf to rotate about the Cp-Fe-Cp axis affords a series of staggered or eclipsed conformations (Fig. 1-3) that are dependent, among other factors, on the ligand coordination mode.

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