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F i I . "- . ,~ . ~ I I verted Sariputra and Moggallana, two of the most famou s monks of the Sangha . Before they became follower s of the Buddha , Sariputra and Moggallana were wandering ascetics . They had been friends from childhood and had 33 renounced the world in search of the truth. They had decided that the one who first came to know the truth would tell it to the other. One day, Sariputra in his wanderings came across Assaji, one of the first five disciples of the Master. Sariputra was impressed by Assaji's noble bearing.

As long as he lived Devadatta knew that he would not be able to get the upper hand in Magadha. So he told Ajatashatru, " Your father is not very old. " Ajatashatru looked perturbed . " Why then don't you kill your father and become king," suggested Devadatta. Prince Ajatashatru was easily persuaded and started plo tting to kill hi s father. One day while on his way to his fathe r's chamber with a da gger he was caught and brought before the kin g. But Bimbisara was in no mind to puni sh his son.

That was . what made his disciple Ananda accept water from an untouchable Chandala girl. 50 them appeared the compassionate Buddha inhisyellowrobes. ' the Buddha asked gently . Both kings replied that they were only useful in as much as they benefited the people. " But if you wage war many of your people will be slain," said the Buddha. " T he two parties co m pro mised and war was averted. Once, while the Buddh a was on his da ily round for alms, a foolish young man abused him with out reason.

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