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Our fathers,” wrote Charles Van Doren, “started the revolution and we are still living it. ”2 Around the middle of the 1990s, industrial society in general and the American society in particular began to experience a new wave of fundamental change or revolution. This new revolution was primarily driven by knowledge, particularly the information and communications revolutions, which caused the economy to shift quickly from the production of tradable goods to the production of tradable services and information and financial products.

And while women continue to work in the fields, men in some rural areas are busy developing bad habits, such as smoking and abusing their wives. Therefore, the woman should be given credit for causing the most important revolution in human history, and thus enabling humanity to develop civilization and enjoy its fruits. The development of agriculture changed the economic conditions of life and the way of life of societies that adopted it; it changed the way societies and economies were organized and transformed human relations, as well 26 GLOBAL ECONOMIC AND CULTURAL TRANSFORMATION as the relationship of people to their environment.

For example, workers were no longer free to determine their working hours and how to perform their work; tasks were assigned, working hours were specified, regulations were articulated and imposed by capitalists, and hierarchical relationships within the workplace were established and enforced. Income was tied to work, making survival a function of work availability and worker’s capacity to work long hours and endure the pain of performing repetitious, largely boring, tasks. For the first time in history, the new worker could own neither the place of his work, the means of production, nor the end products he produced.

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