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By Dr. Peter Schneider, Professor Dr. Jürgen Ehlers, Dr. Emilio E. Falco (auth.)

Light saw from far away items is located to be deflected by way of the gravitational box of huge gadgets close to the road of sight - an impression anticipated by way of Einstein in his first paper atmosphere forth the overall idea of relativity, and proven via Eddington quickly afterwards. If the resource of the sunshine is satisfactorily far away and shiny, and if the intervening item is very large adequate and close to sufficient to the road of sight, the gravitational box acts like a lens, focusing the sunshine and generating a number of vibrant photographs of the resource. This publication, by way of well known researchers within the box, starts off through discussing the fundamental physics at the back of gravitational lenses: the optics of curved space-time. It then derives the best equations for predicting the homes of those lenses. furthermore, it provides updated observational proof for gravitational lenses and describes the actual homes of the saw situations. The authors additionally speak about purposes of the implications to difficulties in cosmology

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6c) The interpretation of these quantities will soon become clear. 8b) Thus, the ray-trace equation always has two solutions of opposite sign. This means that the source has an image on each side of the lens. We show below 4 According to the terminology of optics, the deflector does not act as a "lens", which produces "images"; in general, the rays are not focused at the observer. However, it has (ab)use become customary to (ab )use the terms lens and image in the context of gravitational "lens" theory.

Its a~7r'l92. /19 + 4 a~. 28). 28) also provides a relation between the maximum magnification factor and the size of the source. , if the true angular radius is less than ao, which corresponds to a length scale T (y''I9 'flo 1]0 T (y''I9 7r'l9y''I9 a5. 29) ----- Hence, if the spatial extent of the source is less than 'flo, 1]0, significant magnification may occur. Estimate of physical scales. 29) to a physically meaningful scale, we consider the case Dd « Dds Dds ~ Ds , which is of importance for magnification of distant sources by compact objects in nearby galaxies or in our own galaxy (see Sect.

8. Magnification theorem. A second general property of gravitational light deflection should be mentioned here. It is established in Chap. l ~ 2': 1. l. L One may wonder how this is possible - at first sight it may seem that GLs violate the law of conservation of energy. Imagine a source surrounded by equidistant observers. If lenses are brought into the space between source and observers, each observer appears to receive more energy per unit time than before, although the luminosity of the source has not been changed.

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