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By Raymond Van Dam

The 1st translation into English of 1 of Gregory's 8 books of miracle tales, which incorporates a chain of anecdotes concerning the lives and cults of martyrs.

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Since then many ill people who drink the wine or the water in which the gem has been washed are quickly restored to health. Whenever the gem is adored, it appears clear if the man is free from sin; but if, as usually happens, a man has brought some guilt upon his human weakness, to him the gem appears totally opaque. The gem wonderfully distinguishes between innocent and guilty, since it is black for one but clear for another. 18 13. The relics of St John brought to Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne A woman set out from Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne and sought relics of the forerunner [John the Baptist].

As the executioner struck, the woman held ready a silver vessel and piously collected some blood after the head of the martyr had been cut off. After carefully storing the blood in a flask, she brought it to her homeland. Once a cathedral had been constructed in his honor at Bazas, she placed the flask in the holy altar. 12. The gem formed by divine power at Bazas Since I have mentioned Bazas, I think it worthwhile to relate a miracle that the Lord bestowed on that city. At a time when the city was surrounded by Huns during a long siege, the bishop who then presided walked about chanting psalms and praying for an entire night and requested, not the aid of any man, but only the pity of the Lord.

After filling and lighting the lamp, she tied a rope to it, hoisted [the lamp] up in the air, fastened [the rope] with a knot looped around a nail in the wall, and left. As she was leaving, the candle in her hand went out. She quickly returned to the lamp, but she did not reach to light the candle or to untie the knot in the rope. While she was uncertain and thought about the dilemma, suddenly a spark fell from the lamp and lit the candle in her hand. So, with the help of the light that preceded her, she went where she wished.

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