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Isomeric oxazolidinones (214) and (215) are obtained fYwn the addition of urea to trans-(207; R1=COp, R2=various aryl)i73. Oxirane itself reacts with trioxane in the presence of BF to give the cyclic ether 3 ( 216)174. Intramolecular cyclisation of peroxide p07; R1=CMe 00H,CH(CH2Ph)00H, CHMeOH,CMe(CH2Ph)OOH; R2=H, affords dioxetanes eg. (217) 2175. An area which has attracted considerable effort has been the synthesis of cyclic carbonates (218). Amongst the catalysts used for their synthesis via the direct reaction of C02 and an oxiran are Sb, Te, Sn, Bi, Ge and Si176y177, Ta178, tetraphenylporphinatoAll7’ , Et4NtBr- and hwex-1-iodide180 .

1 Electrophilic Opening. Oxirane (99) undergoes stereospecific U s i n g CF3C0$ CC14 rearrangement with BF or H2S04 t o form 3 the product is (101). A l l three compounds yield (102) on treatment with hot acet ic acid containing ZnC12. When (104) i s heated t o loO°C f o r 3h with 118 MgC12 i n toluene, (103) (94%) is formed To investigate the possibility that the last oxidation step in the biosynthesis of estrone (105) might involve epoxidation the androstantriones a- and 8-epoxy (106) have been prepa,rd1lg.

The photoirradiation of 1-(2-naphthoyl)aziridine in halogenated hydrocarbon solvents gave a complex mixture of products amongst which fi- (2-haloethyl)-2-naphthamide and the rearranged 2- (2-naphthyl)-2-oxazoline were identified221 n . - Thermal and photochemical isomerisation of (286; Ph, Ph, Me2N; Me, Ph, Me2N; Ph, Me, Mep; Me, Me, H; Ph, Ph, H; Me, Ph, H; Ph, Me, H) produces (287; R1, R2=Me, Me; Ph, Ph; Me, Ph; Ph, Me) and (288)222. Variable temperature b nmr studies show restricted rotation of the N-N bond in (288).

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