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By Jean-Jacques Lecercle (auth.)

Why is it that every one interpretations are attainable, and none is correct? That a few interpretations are only, yet a few are fake? Lecercle attracts at the assets of pragmatics, literary thought and the philosophy of language to suggest a brand new thought of literary, but additionally of face-to-face, discussion that charts the interplay among the 5 individuals within the fields of discussion and/or interpretation: writer, reader, textual content, language and encyclopaedia. Interpretation is taken via its 4 levels, from glossing and enigma fixing to translation and intervention.

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Jakobson' s definition is as famous as it is puzzling: 'The poetic function projects the principle of equivalence from the axis of selection to the axis of combination' (p. 358). We are asked to treat syntagmata as if they were paradigms. 35 Interpretation as Pragmatics 36 The canonical example, the political slogan for Eisenhower's campaign, 'I like Ike', which is not conspicuous for the depth of its intellectual contents, does seem to work by turning phonetic paradigms into a syntagmatic chain, the result of which is internal rhyme, echo rhyme and assonance.

Suckling pig. Sturgeon concoction of crawfish, olives, capers and a sort of thick gravy. Cutlets. Marajenoi. Pragmatics of Interpretation 27 Krimskoe. 'Kofe'. 'Marajenoi' means: cream-ices: these were delicious: one lemon, one black currant, a kind new to me. 23 Ettleson wryly comments, using typical Carrollian tactics: 'Note that Carroll admits partaking only of the ice-cream and nothing more on the menu. ' 24 So Carroll was a secret Jew, whose Jewishness could only be expressed apophatically, through negation, feigned ignorance or complicated hints.

It is also, which is more to the point, worthy of both Carroll and Humpty Dumpty. The only drawback is that, although it is rich in interpretive interest and power, it is a little lacking in verisimilitude. Let not this depress us unduly: here is another interpretation. In 1995 a respectable publisher, Jonathan Cape, published a book written by J. Francis Gladstone, the great-grandson, and Jo Elwyn Jones, daughter to the former Lord Chancellor. It is entitled The Red 28 Interpretation as Pragmatics King's Dream, or Lewis Carroll in Wonderland.

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