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By Hanna Segal

A lucid and entire creation to Kleinian theories from
one of the top modern Kleinian analysts, together with chapters on her early paintings and on procedure. additionally incorporates a whole
chronological checklist of Klein's guides.

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It is the admixture of envy which often makes greed so spoiling and so apparently intractable in analytic treatment. But envy does not stop at exhausting the external object. The very nourishment that has been taken in, so long as it is perceived as having been part of the breast, is in itself an object of envious attacks, which are turned upon the internal object as well. Envy operates also by projection and often mainly so. When the infant feels himself to be full of anxiety and badness and the breast to be the source of all goodness, in his envy he wishes to spoil the breast by projecting into it bad and spoiling parts of himself; thus, in phantasy, the breast is attacked by spitting, urinating, defaecating, passing of wind, and by projective, penetrating looking (the evil eye).

This figure contained split-off and projected bits ofhimself. In fact, he could no more deal with his clients than he had been able to deal with these bad parts of himself. I n the light of his dream, it also becomes clear why my being late after my own leisure time was felt by the patient as commendable behaviour as compared with his only being late when it was someone else’s fault, though it is also in keeping with his denial of my real dereliction in being late. What he was trying to convey was that he felt I was able to take the responsibility for my own bad behaviour without projecting it.

Any meaningful description of the processes involved must start with a description of the ego. In Melanie Klein’s vicw, sufficient ego exists at birth to experience anxiety, use defence mechanisms and form primitive object-relaiions in phantasy and reality. This view is not entirely at variance with Freud’s. In some of his concepts he seems to imply the existence of an early ego. He also describes an early defence mechanism, namely the deflection of the death instinct, occurring at the beginning of life, and his concept of hallucinatory wish-fulfilment implies an ego capable of forming a phantasy object relationship.

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