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By Randall Bennett Woods

J. William Fulbright used to be the longest serving and strongest chair of the Senate international family Committee. He used to be additionally the main favourite, and the simplest, of the 1st American critics of the Vietnam warfare. Fulbright's feedback was once quite galling and damning to Lyndon Johnson simply because Fulbright used to be a principled internationalist who couldn't be pushed aside as an ideologue. Fulbright used hearings by way of the international kinfolk Committee as a discussion board during which to increase his robust critique of the battle. This ebook is an abridgement of Randall Woods' prize-winning biography of J. William Fulbright. This version offers the entire tale of Fulbright's position as one of many best congressional rivals of the Vietnam battle.

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46 James N. Giglio, The Presidency of John F. , 1991), 210-14. 47 On October 27, holed up in a bombproof bunker, Fidel Castro asked Khrushchev to authorize a preemptive nuclear strike against the United States to thwart an anticipated invasion. , "Four Days with Fidel: A Havana Diary," New York Review of Books, Mar. 26, 1992, 22-9. 48 Ned Curran, "Fulbright Switch? No Such Thing, Says the Senator," Arkansas Gazette, Oct. 28, 1962. S. personnel had attempted to board Soviet freighters headed for Cuba, he told reporters, it would have brought the Soviet Union and the United States into direct, cataclysmic conflict.

26 Fulbright, Vietnam, and Cold War Foreign Policy mind about the Kennedy administration's willingness to allow social revolutions to run their course was the abortive Bay of Pigs invasion. Fulbright followed Fidel Castro's rise to power through the perceptive eyes of the SFRC's Latin American expert, Pat Holt. A tough, raw-boned Texan, his lean frame sheathed in skin that seemed perpetually sunburned and his angular face topped by a thatch of prematurely white hair, Holt was bluntly outspoken and almost as intolerant of fools as Fulbright.

In the end, each man viewed the other as someone to be reckoned with. Fulbright was an Arkansan and a senator, but he was a regional aristocrat with 17 Congressional Record, Senate, June 28, 1960, 14734-7. 18 Ritchie, Interviews: Marcy, 126. 19 Quoted in Haynes Johnson and Bernard M. Gwertzman, Fulbright: The Dissenter (New York, 1968), 195. Cuba and Camelot 23 Oxford credentials - and he was chairman of the SFRC. Kennedy could, and did, play the role of a superficial young playboy, but he was smart and shrewd - and he was president of the United States.

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