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By H. Crosthwaite, Alfred De Grazia

Topic: electrical energy -- Mythology -- historical past topic: electrical energy -- non secular features -- heritage topic: Mediterranean quarter -- non secular existence and customs topic: Mediterranean zone -- faith topic: faith -- Terminology topic: Cognate phrases

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Instances of elektron and Yahweh: Iliad XIX:398: Automedon takes the reins, and behind him goes Achilles, shining like elektor Hyperion, the bright sun. " Frazer, The Golden Bough 60, says that "Holiness, magical virtue, taboo, or whatever we may call that mysterious quality which is supposed to pervade sacred or tabooed persons, is conceived by the primitive philosopher as a physical substance or fluid, with which the sacred man is charged just as a Leyden jar is charged with electricity; and exactly as the electricity in the jar can be discharged by contact with a good conductor, so the holiness or magical virtue in the man can be discharged and drained away by contact with the earth, which on this theory serves as an excellent conductor for the magical fluid.

There is an earthquake and the stranger breaks free. He induces Pentheus to dress up as a woman and spy on the women's revels. Pentheus is discovered and torn to pieces. His mother, Agave (sister of Semele), triumphantly carries his head back to Thebes, recovers her sanity, and recognises that she has killed her son. (Vide Agave in the glossary). In The Bacchae, 594, "hapte keraunion aithopa lampada", the stranger urges the reveller to kindle the blazing lightning torch. The scholiast on Euripides, Phoenissae, 227, mentions automaton pur, spontaneous fire, at his sanctuary on Parnassus, with which we can compare the 'mega selas puros', great blaze of fire, at his sanctuary in Crastonia in Macedonia.

Line 1103: The Bacchants attack, as though with lightning, the branches of oak trees, and scatter the roots (of the tree in which Pentheus is sitting) with levers not made of iron. The word 'synkeraunousai', striking with lightning, is noteworthy. " Already in lines 920 and 921 we have heard of the bull-like appearance of Dionysus. In this play, Dionysus signifies a bull, Kadmos (the founder of Thebes) a serpent. In The Bacchae, the disturbing forces seem to be electrical, rather than alcoholic as one would be inclined to expect, given the connection between Dionysus and wine.

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